Customer Charter

Without customers we do not exist. Without happy customers we do not grow.

That is why we strive to have lots of happy customers who can recommend us with confidence to their family and friends. Most of our business comes from such recommendations.

To those of you who have been able to recommend us. Thank you.

In order to ensure that we maintain and continuously improve our levels of service, we have produced a customer charter. This outlines the minimum levels of service our customers can expect from us. Wherever possible we will aim to exceed them.

Initial contact from customer

All initial enquiries will be handled by an experienced pest controller member of staff to undertake an initial assessment of the problem. This ensures that the appropriate resources are allocated and customers are provided with the correct advice from the outset.

Booked Appointments

All appointments are scheduled and booked in advance with a set time for the customer to expect us. If for any reason whatsoever we are running more than 10 minutes late or have to reschedule an appointment we will contact the customer immediately and inform them of the reasons.

In the unfortunate event that we need to reschedule an appointment, this will be undertaken at a time convenient to the customer, not to us!

Initial visit

An initial visit will always allow ample time for a detailed survey and initial treatment to be undertaken. A full one hour slot is normally allocated for this process thereby ensuring adequate time to complete a detailed survey and risk assessment, outline the nature of the treatment and answer any questions which the customer may have.

Further visits

Although some pest treatments require only one visit, many necessitate a repeat visit or a short series of revisits. Wherever possible these subsequent visits will be scheduled at the customer’s convenience.

Customer Feedback

We value customer feedback as this continuously helps us to improve our levels of service and performance. It allows us to identify best practice or highlight any training issues as we expand and grow.

Of course we all look forward to good news and like to recognise our staff for a job well done. However, if for any reason we fall short in the levels of service that we provide, we would also welcome your call. We do not see a complaint as a problem but as an opportunity to improve.