Spider Control

False Widow Spiders

False Widow Spider

Spiders, including false widow spiders tend to make their way into our homes in the autumn months. This is because the species like a dry warm enviroments.

False Widow Spiders are dark-coloured with distinctive cream markings, round bodies and reddish-orange legs.

False Widow Spider

These spiders have a body length of between 8.5mm and 11mm, about the size of a 50p coin. They resemble the black widow spider but only bite if mishandled or provoked.

If you are unfortunate to be bitten, the symptoms are likened to that of a wasp or bee sting.

If you are bitten by any spider, the first aid should be to wash the area with soap and water,and treat with bite spray or antiseptic which also helping to prevent infection. But it is important to seek medical help if your condition deteriorates.

The false widows are most commonly seen in the south of the country but increased sightings suggest that the spiders are moving northwards.