Cockroach Control

The Problem

  • Sighting: Cockroaches are sensitive to light and therefore forage at night. They therefore remain well concealed for the rest of the time.
  • Spread disease: Forms of Gastroenteritis appear to be principle diseases transmitted by cockroaches.
  • Commercial premises: Loss of reputation and legal enforcement. This could lead up to closure notice.
  • Dispersal: With bad eradication procedures they can be dispersed into other locations.


Our initial survey will identify where they are hiding. They tend not to stray too far from their nest and can often be traced running to their nest.

Control and Eradication

The cockroaches and eggs must be eliminated, and this is where Oldbills Pest Control will lay bait.

Additional sprays may be used outside to prevent them coming indoors.

Proofing & Prevention

Cockroaches live on food scraps and rubbish, so cleanliness is important.

Oldbills Pest Control can provide a fully audited programme (See below)

Cockroach Control


This is another pest which you most definitely do not want in your premises, be it your home or business premises.

Cockroaches are well known for the spread of various diseases and pathogens as they forage across different surfaces. This makes them a serious public health pest which needs to be heavily controlled, particularly around food preparation areas.

Whilst the presence of cockroaches in domestic premises can be distressing and potentially harmful to the occupants, their presence in commercial premises can also have far reaching financial consequences, due to loss of reputation or legal enforcement. This can range from fines through to closure notices.


All businesses concerned in the production, preparation, storage or sale of food to the public and therefore subject to the Food Hygiene Regulations are legally required to ensure that they maintain a pest free environment as part of their overall compliance.

In the same way that the presence of bedbugs in hotels can have serious financial implications for the business, so the presence of cockroaches or other pests in restaurants or food premises can be equally damaging.

Although the life cycle of the cockroach is very different from that of bedbugs they are another pest which can be difficult to control once a population has become established. They have the ability to rapidly disperse throughout premises or into adjoining premises as the populations grow and seek alternative food sources.


Cockroaches are light sensitive and will mainly forage for food at night, remaining well concealed for the remainder of the time. This means that low levels of activity can remain undetected for some time until the point where serious levels are reached. By the time you see one cockroach you can be fairly certain that there are several more close by.

Effective Monitoring and Control

The key to effective control of this particular pest in commercial food premises is regular monitoring for early signs of activity.

We are able to provide this service as part of a fully audited Pest Management Programme to provide peace of mind, whilst assisting our customers to maintain a high food hygiene rating.