Fly Control

Fly on Food

There are numerous different species of flies which we can be called upon to control across a wide variety of locations. One thing they all have in common is the ability to spread decease and pathogens harmful to humans or livestock. As such control measures are often required, especially in premises subject to food hygiene requirements or which come under the control of the Quality Care Commission.

Food production facilities, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and care homes are obvious locations where zero tolerance of flies and other pests may be obvious examples. It would however extend to schools or work establishments with canteen facilities, preparing or serving food to its pupils or staff


In the majority of such establishments we would advise that the installation of an electronic fly killer be installed as part of any ongoing service agreements. We are able to undertake supply and installation of these devises as well as providing ongoing servicing to ensure their effectiveness.

Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies

Although the various species of fly follow a similar life cycle, the locations where they are likely to be encountered, the differing food sources and the control measures required can vary considerably. As such, as with ants, proper identification of the particular species is advised before effective treatment or control is undertaken.

Fly control programmes around farms, animal housing or waste sites are very different and obviously involve alternative methods of control than those used within domestic homes or commercial premises. We are also able to undertake control of flies at these locations as part of an ongoing service agreement.