Textile Moth Control

Moth on Carpet

Discovering damage to carpets or woollen garments can be distressing.

In the case of clothing, this will often result in the items being beyond repair and having to be discarded. In respect of carpets, the damage is normally restricted to localised areas under or to the rear of items of furniture. Other than in exception circumstances, effective treatment will normally negate the need to replace the carpet.

The species of moths concerned are commonly referred to as clothes moth or carpet moth; however there are actually 3 species which come under the classification of textile moth, these being the Common Clothes Moth, the Case Bearing Clothes Moth and the Brown Banded Clothes Moth.


It is not the adult moth flying around the room which causes the damage, but the unseen larvae which feed on the fibres within the garment or carpet. As such, in order to be effective, treatment of this particular pest needs to be thorough and deal with both ends of the life cycle.

Storage of clothes items in sealed liners and regular vacuuming of carpets under items of furniture are both means of significantly reducing the activity of textile moths within the home environment.

We are happy to deal with this type of pest and provide advice on further prevention measures.