Fly Killers

Electronic Fly Killers

Fly Killer

Electronic Fly Killers are a valuable tool in the control of a variety of flying insects and are regularly installed as part of Integrated Pest Management Programmes inside premises, requiring a zero tolerance to pests or a requirement to comply with the Food Hygiene Regulations.

As such they are most commonly found in commercial kitchens, food production premises, restaurants, hotels or other premises concerned in the preparation or sale of food to the public.

Electronic Fly Killers depend upon ultraviolet light emitted from the florescent tubes in attracting flying insects to the unit. They are then dispatched either by coming into contact with an electronic grill or by a sticky board.

Fly Killer

This method of control has several benefits as part of an ongoing programme in that they work 24/7 and do not involve the use of chemical control methods.

Their effectiveness does however depend upon correct positioning of the unit, regular servicing and ensuring that the tubes are emitting sufficient ultraviolet light.

Routine maintenance usually requires that the tubes are renewed annually to ensure that sufficient UV light is present.

We are able to supply, install and service a wide variety of Electronic Fly Killers as part of our regular Pest Management Programmes or as a stand-alone service to our customers.