Fox Control


The control of foxes can polarize public opinion with some sections of the community regarding them as a bloodthirsty predator and villain of the peace, whilst others leap to its defence seeing it as a cuddly victim, wrongly accused and needlessly persecuted.

Some take great pleasure in seeing and feeding them in their gardens, whilst others wish to shoot them on sight. So who is correct? The answer is, they all are.

It depends upon the circumstances and the location. It can even depend upon what is in the press that week!


To the farmer or poultry keeper who has lost new born lambs or witnessed a mass kill of his poultry and whose livelihood is at risk, there is a zero tolerance to any fox in the vicinity. To a young family living in town who have just read reports of a young child or baby being attacked by a fox there is fear.

To someone having to clear up because a fox ripped open their rubbish bags and spread the contents all over the garden and street, or the person who has discovered faeces, yet again in their garden, there is a desire to see them elsewhere.

Fox in Hen Pen

To someone watching young cubs during the spring, taking their first steps into the big wide world and playing in their garden, there is a desire to nurture and protect them.

To someone seeing a starving fox, suffering from the effects of mange there is a desire to help or perhaps put it out of its misery.

We are happy to undertake control of fox populations or provide advice in any of the above situations.