Biocide effective against Coronavirus


A robust electrically operated ULV machine that has a unique timer as standard.

The timer can be set to operate the Exodus between 2 seconds and 29 minutes when no personnel are present, ensuring operator exposure is kept to a minimum.

Used with 1 litre cartridge/bottle of ULV products.


This spray has also been confirmed to be effective against the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Contains 6% Chlorhexidine and 8% w/w QAC.

A liquid biocide for space-spray (ULV) application. Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Specially formulated for use in human dwelling situations where rodent infestations and bird contaminated areas pose risks. For use at waste transfer stations and treatment facilities and similar location where health risks posed by bio-aerosols need to be controlled. Also for use in kennels, catteries, stables, poultry houses, trashed/flooded dwellings, drug users’ habitats and other situations where biohazard risk has been identified.

This spray has also been confirmed to be effective against Coronavirus (Covid-19)