Drain Survey

Drain Surveys for Rats

Rats inside premises are normally the result of a structural fault permitting access, or as the result of similar faults in the adjoining premises enabling them to then move through the building as a whole. In certain circumstances these faults or entry points are readily apparent and easily rectified.

Probably the most common fault however will lie within the drains system permitting rats to enter unseen from the sewer system below ground level. Where this is the case the customer will normally have experienced ongoing activity in spite of various attempts to control them. Often any respite is short lived as other rodents find their way into the building.

This type of fault will often have been accompanied by blockages within the drains requiring clearance, as the rodents burrow up into the building from the damaged drains.

When this type of fault is suspected as being the cause, we are able to undertake drain surveys to locate the fault and arrange through third party tradesmen for the repairs to be completed on your behalf.


Old Bills Pest Control are fully approved Suppliers and Installers of Metex Rat Barrier Drain Protection devices.

Most homes have one main drainage outlet point which connects to the main sewer, Ratwall is located at this point where it will rat proof and protect the whole upstream drainage system while still allowing maximum flow rates downstream.

In certain instances this work may be covered by your buildings insurance. If so, we are happy to liaise with their chosen contractors ensuring that temporary control measures are kept in place until the work is completed.

There are two types of drains inspection which we are able to undertake, these being camera surveys or smoke testing of drains systems within the premises.

Camera Surveys of Drains

We use the services of a trusted third party contractor to undertake camera surveys since this is a specialist area and will often require the clearance of blockages and jetting of the drains prior to the survey commencing. This type of survey has the benefit of accurately identifying the exact location and extent of the fault up to the soil stack or exterior of the building


Camera surveys have the benefit of establishing the cause of the fault, together with the extent and nature of any repairs to be undertaken. Where appropriate a report containing these details can be provided to assist in any insurance application or in obtaining quotes from other tradesmen.

Smoke Testing of Drains

Camera surveys are obviously limited to areas that the camera can access. This means that ‘blind junctions’ within the drains system or certain areas beyond the main outlets from the building cannot be fully surveyed by this means alone.

Smoke testing of the remainder of the system may therefore be required in order to establish if the fault lies within the fabric of the building itself and beyond the reach of the camera.

Common areas where these types of fault exist are the rear of toilets, locations where soil stacks are vented through loft voids or where new drains have been installed as part of an extension.

If this type of fault is located, we are again able to recommend relevant trades professionals to rectify the fault. Alternatively we are happy to liaise with you own trades people and ensure that effective control measures remain in place until the work is completed.

This type of fault is unlikely to be covered by your buildings insurance.