Flea Control


The Problem

  • Sighting: Adult fleas are about 2.5mm long. The first signs might be pests constantly scratching. Seeing the fleas or flea droppings in the coat of the pet. Bites on you or your family usually around the legs / ankles
  • Flea Bites
  • On Humans: Flea bites can produce an allergic reaction with typical symptoms being small red spots on the skin.
  • Infestation: You may see fleas jumping on carpets or furniture.


Fleas usually enter property either by people or pets. They are hard to spot due to their small size but the signs of animals itching or red bite marks on humans indicate the presence. Our professional staff will fully examine your property to establish the severity of infestation.

Control and Eradication

Flea Bites

If the flea population is well established two visits may be necessary to fully deal with the lifecycle of the fleas. We will use a professional insecticide which is not available to the public.

Proofing & Prevention

Oldbills Pest Control will return later to examine your property again. This allows us to fully determine that the initial treatment was effective.

Pets present

Flea on Dog

The presence of fleas inside premises is normally associated with the presence of a ‘host animal’, usually a pet cat or dog. In fact the pets discomfort at being bitten is often the first indication of the presence of fleas in your home. Don’t panic! This could be a single flea.

Provided that a suitable veterinary product is obtained and applied at this stage, the activity can usually be dealt with swiftly without resorting to the services of a professional pest controller. It is always advisable to thoroughly wash and tumble dry your pets bedding on a hot setting, treat bedding with a DIY flea control spray or replace if required.

If the situation is not dealt with at this stage and fleas are permitted to establish a breeding population the situation can quickly escalate. If people are also being bitten or fleas are being seen elsewhere within the premises, the assistance of a pest control company may be advisable.

In these circumstances the pest control treatment will need to be undertaken in conjunction with a suitable veterinary product being applied to your pet.

If the population is well established two visits may be necessary to fully deal with the life cycle of the fleas.

Pets not present

Flea on Carpet

If fleas are believed to be present in premises and you are not a pet owner then there may be a number of other possible explanations worthy of exploration.

If you have recently taken possession of the premises and the previous occupants were known to be a pet owners it is possible that fleas are indeed present. Due to their life cycle, flees are able to remain dormant in vacant premises for long periods of time, and then emerge when the new occupants move in.


If this is the case the new occupants will quickly feel the effects of being bitten. This can result in multiple bites and considerable discomfort. In these circumstances the assistance of a pest controller is advised to confirm the presence of fleas and resolve the situation.

In these circumstances a single treatment if often sufficient to deal with the problem.