Birds of Prey


Offering a wide range of service, we specialise by flying birds of prey to deter problem birds from your area.

Falconry bird control is a natrual way to rid your property or business of pest birds.

We have a team of different Hawks and Falcons to suit each pest bird problem you may have.

Falcon in Station

We service the following Commercial, Domestic and Agricultural.

  • Train and Bus stations.
  • Airports
  • Town centres and shopping centres.
  • Industrial sites and warehouses.
  • Retail parks and car parks.
  • Transfer stations and landfill.
  • Office and residential properties.
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Schools.

We can also cater for Agricultural and rural environments.

  • Golf clubs.
  • Farms.
  • Fisheries.

We have a big team of working birds of prey all trained for different rolls in pest bird control.
These include, Harrishawks, Sparrowhawks, and Peregrine falcons.