Food Hygiene and food Safety

Food Rating

Did you know that at Old Bill’s Pest Control, as well as providing pest control services, we can provide advice and guidance on improving an establishment’s overall food hygiene rating?

Some members of our team are Environmental Health Officers and have the experience and knowledge to provide advice, guidance and training on improving food hygiene ratings.

  • Do you own or manage a Restaurant, Take-away, cafe or other food business?
  • Do you think your food hygiene score is low?
  • Need to know more about temperature management?
  • Need help with knowing what records to keep?
  • Need help with what to clean and why?
  • Confused by what the EHP is asking for?

Food Establishment

If you own or manage a food establishment, you’ll know how important it is to achieve a good food hygiene rating. It is therefore vital that business owners know how to improve and maintain a good rating.

As well as affecting the reputation of a business, the food hygiene rating is a clear way for insurers to assess the safety of a business which can directly impact on any premiums offered.


Maintain an overall good food hygiene rating and you may well save yourself money as well as keep existing customers and attract new ones.

At Old Bill’s Pest Control, we have access to insurance and commercial utilities brokers giving you the chance to gain competitive quotes and the opportunity to reduce your energy costs.

Cost reductions in these areas of your business may well offset the cost of an ongoing pest control service agreement. You might find that the service is completely cost neutral.

To find out more about our Food Hygiene advice service, please call 01494 581803 or email: