Integrated Pest Management Programme

What is an Integrated Pest Management Programme (IPMP)?

An IPMP is an ongoing contract between Old Bill’s Pest Control and individual customers. It is designed to exclude, monitor and swiftly deal with any pests which may be present in or around their premises.

The initial stage of any IPMP would involve a detailed survey of the premises to identify any pests already present, any potential entry points or any other factors which could attract or sustain pests at the location.

This survey is undertaken by trained Pest Control Technicians, not salesmen. It is free of charge and without obligation.

Who would benefit from an IPMP?

IPMPs are particularly beneficial to business premises and are developed with these in mind. They may on rare occasions be appropriate to private dwellings if there is a history of recurring pest problems which cannot be satisfactorily resolved by other means.

Why have an IPMP?

The presence of pests within the work place will invariably be detrimental to profitability, productivity, staff moral or customer perception.

All owners have legal obligations to control certain types of pests under the Control of Pests Act. All businesses have additional legal obligations under Health and Safety at Work Act to provide a safe environment for their employees and other persons attending their premises. Untreated infestation by certain types of pests which are deemed hazardous to Public Health could contravene this legislation.

Businesses concerned in the production, storage, transportation, preparation or service of food have statutory obligations under the Food Hygiene Regulations to prevent contamination by pests.

In addition to the obvious examples of restaurants, cafes, takeaways and shops, these would include hotels, public houses, golf clubs, butchers, bakeries or indeed any premises which has a staff canteen facility.

The majority of Pest Control problems can be resolved by means of either a single treatment or a short series of treatments. In these instances an IPMP would be of no benefit to our customers and as such would not be advised.

What if we already have a pest infestation?

We will deal with any existing infestation prior to the commencement of the IPMP and this would be invoiced separately. Any further activity arising during the term of the IPMP would be swiftly identified and prevented from becoming established as part of the contract.

What types of pests are included?

We are able to deal with all types of pest be they Public Health, Commercial or Agricultural and have technicians with specific expertise in each of these areas. Each IPMP will detail the specific pests covered. Not all pests are relevant to all premises. This enables us to customise it to our customer’s requirements and keep the costs down to a minimum.

How often are the visits?

This is dependant upon the premises, type of pest and customer requirements. For most premises where there is no current pest activity visits every 6 weeks are the norm, however certain premises may require more frequent visits.

In the event that any new activity is identified during these routine inspections the customer would be informed immediately and the frequency of visits and treatment would increase as required until such activity ceased.

What happens during a routine visit?

During each visit your pest technician will examine pest activity through a number of monitoring stations situated at specified predetermined points in or around you premises. In addition they look to identify any new entry points or harbourage points which may have become apparent since the last visit.

Should such matters arise they will bring them to your attention and make a written record. These would, in the normal course of events highlight any minor maintenance issues at the premises or lapses in good housekeeping procedures.

It is anticipated that these matters will be rectified by the customers prior to the next visit as such matters form an essential part of an effective Integrated Pest Management Programme.

In the unlikely event that a customer declines to attend to such matters to the degree that it renders our other control measures ineffective we reserve the right to end the contract and refund any overpayments for the remainder of the term.

What happens if I notice activity between visits?

In the unlikely event that either you or a member of staff should encounter a problem between visits please notify us immediately. We will then either bring your scheduled visit forward or book an unscheduled visit to investigate.

What happens if I encounter a pest not included in the contract?

No problem. Some species which are seasonal such as wasps or ants etc. would only normally be included in an IPMP if the premises in question had a regular history. If these make a one off impact at your premises we will deal with these as a single treatment and provide a 50% discount on the treatment.

Why choose Old Bills Pest Control?

We are a local business based in Amersham, Bucks. We provide a personal service to each of our customers. As such we limit the number of Integrated Pest Management contracts that we undertake thus ensuring that thorough inspections and treatments are undertaken on each visit. Time is allocated to explain any findings fully. In addition, full written records are provided on each visit in accordance with legal requirements and to keep you, the customer up to date.

Each contract is allocated to a specific technician so that they can gain a detailed knowledge of your premises and specific requirements.

What if I wish to change from my current Pest Control Contract?

Provided that we area able to provide a better, more cost efficient service than your current Pest Control Contractor we will of course be glad to do so. Whilst we are willing to undertake the initial survey and discuss costing with you whilst an existing contract is in place we will only commence treatment at the end of that contract.

Unless any external bait stations have been purchased by yourselves we would also appreciate that these be removed by the outgoing contractor prior to our placing our own.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on a number of factors and is one of the reasons that we offer the free site survey. Prices start as low as £240 per year for a small business or premises requiring regular visits and monitoring. Clearly, larger premises or those with a history of repeat infestations of other underlying factors would require additional visits or treatments and are priced accordingly.

Prices include the supply and installation of tamper resistant bait stations or monitoring stations as required. It also includes the costs of any treatments arising under the terms of the contract so there are no hidden charges.

Our pricing will always be very competitive as we always aim to provide best value to our customers without compromising on quality.

How is payment made?

We are happy to accept payment on an annual or 6 monthly basis (April & October) to suit our customers. Contract commencing between these months are invoiced on a pro-rata basis. Payments for treatment are in advance and can be in the form of cash, cheque or standing order.